!bang poses

Store Owner: Luna Jubilee
Store Name: !bang poses
Store LM: !bang poses

!bang poses

How long as your store been opened?
since 05/17/2010

What drives you to keep creating in Second Life?
ummmmm I started the business as a reason to take photos. Not kidding.
Now, after all these years, still the same. I love setting up the scenes or creating a pose for that emotion/feeling.

What are you most excited about for Terror-iffic?
For you all to see the mesh prop I"m putting together.

What is your favorite part about Halloween?
all the candy, not those little boxes of mashed raisins that you get at some of the houses. Love me the candy... and seeing the little wee-ones all dressed up.

What is your Halloween costume this year?
oh I don't dress up, just hand out candy and chat with the neighbors when they bring their children up to see the pugs. OH! I dress up my pugs. Still need to figure out what to do for the little wee pup. He's so tiny... what should I do?

Candy Corn or Chocolate?

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