Store Owner: Athena Loring 
Store Name: Miseria
Store Location: Miseria
 "I used to make pants and halloween stuff and now I make other things"


How long as your store been opened?
About 5 years, technically. But a good majority of that time I spent not logging into Second Life and playing other games instead. I really just had a store with some things rezzed that my friend Ara refused to let me pack up.

What drives you to keep creating in Second Life?
No one else is going to make me the things I want to wear!

What are you most excited about for Terror-iffic?
It's a hunt. DUH.

What is your favorite part about Halloween?
The part where it takes place mostly at night, and the scariness!
The chocolate is a pretty good selling point for me too.

What is your Halloween costume this year?
A fruit cup.

Candy Corn or Chocolate?
Whoever picks candy corn is lying. Chocolate is forever. 


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